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Press Release

April 20th, better known as 4/20 was a very exciting day for our Group. On this Cannabis Holiday we were awarded several key licenses in the Imperial Valley, California.  The Imperial County held a Public Lottery where Movocan was selected to secure the first Physical Medicinal Dispensary with Delivery License within the Imperial Valley.  We were also awarded an Adult Use Virtual Retail License to Deliver Cannabis Goods to Adults 21 and over and a Wholesale Distribution License that will allow for our first phase of Vertical Integration.

We have started to merge and form a few retail business operations in order to set the ground floor for what will be our Horizontal Integration within the This Newly Legalized Sector. We have chosen the worlds 6th biggest economy for this endeavor, California. We have recruited creative minds within the cannabis, design, branding, and social marketing realms to help within our Marketing Department. Our focus is the integration, management, financing, and marketing opportunities within this exploding Industry. 

We are a fully registered California S Corporation with our Corporate Headquarters in Southern California.

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